Production Partner | Glasperlenspiel | Tour Interview


Production Partner in Interview with live sound and monitor engineer Jens Bubbes Steffen in 2016. Download and read the full PDF in English or German.

True innovations are rare in the audio industry; mostly these are further developments of existing technologies and proven methods. A real innovation that offers functions that were previously simply not possible, is rather the exception. 3D audio too was a theoretical approach for a long time, as only few concepts permanently found their way from the lab to practical use. With its in-ear monitoring system the Ger- man manufacturer KLANG:technologies has taken this brave step, offering a practical solution. Reason enough for us to visit monitor engineer Jens “Bubbes” Steffen at a Glasper- lenspiel gig, a band that has been using the system on stage for quite some time. – Daniel Schindler, Production Partner author.



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Pascal Dietrich

Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at KLANG:technologies GmbH

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