What’s new in KOS 2.2

What’s new in KOS 2.2

KOS 2.2 and KLANG:app 2.2 brings several amazing features to you. Let’s take a quick tour through the changes and learn how to benefit from these features in your mixing workflow.

Let’s get started with the fun part and have a look at KLANG:app…


Download KLANG:app and KOS 2.2. on our downloads page.


Most changes are visible in here.



Tech Support in just a Click on our 3 New Buttons

In Admin mode and Technician mode you will notice 3 new buttons below the list of KLANG units:

  • Manual: will bring you to the KLANG:blog, our up-to-date online resource for user manuals, workflow and connection tips
  • FAQ: brings you immediately to our online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to help you setup your system even faster
  • Support: Is a new way to get in touch with KLANG’s support team through an online chat tool. Through KLANG:app the support gets basic infos about your KLANG:fabrik’s status, which speeds up the support process.

The same chat tool is also available now on our website. Go to www.KLANG.com/blog and you will notice a gray icon on the bottom right corner:


We will test the performance of this new way to communicate and might disable this service if it is not working out as expected.

Please note: You have to have a connection to the Internet and to KLANG:fabrik / KLANG:vier at the same time. This might be problematic.

Easy Device Identification by Blinking

In complex setups it is essential to immediately identify devices you are working with. Therefore, go to the CONNECT screen and click again on the the user you are already connected to from the drop down list. KLANG:fabrik’s display in the front will flicker and the MADI LEDs in the back will blink. On KLANG:vier the front LED will blink.

User Presets through LOCAL SHOWS Screenscreenshot-2016-10-13-17-05-02

In musicians mode we have included an important feature for the Personal Monitoring use case – user-based snapshots and presets. For House of Worship, Musicals, Theaters and also Band rehearsals, mixes can now be saved per musicians. These mix settings are stored inside KLANG:app. That means, you go to a show, connect with KLANG:app to KLANG:fabrik and reload your own personal settings without interfering with someone elses mix – this would be the case with KLANG:fabrik / KLANG:vier based presets and snapshots. However this feature is in early stages still.

Transfer, import and export Presets with iPad and iPhone

In the presets menu presets can be transferred from and to KLANG:app including the snapshots of these presets. The presets are stored locally on the device running KLANG:app. For iOS devices these presets can be exported and imported via iTunes File Sharing e.g. to be sent to another device by email.




Read more on how to import and export presets via iTunes and how to upload your own multitracks to KLANG:app for mobile mixing here.


The Channels screen itself has not really changed that much. But the magic lies in the next window to modify the channel settings.


QuickLabels & Self-learning SmartLabels Boost your Workflow

The workflow is as follows. First choose an icon, then check if you need stereo linking, then choose a color. At last type in the name. In order to save you the time you need for typing, KLANG:app shows you 4 pre-defined labels that we believe fit best to the icon you selected. Sometimes, your application requires different labels. Hence, we taught KLANG:app to be self-learning. KLANG:app can store up to 4 of your recent channel labels used. For each icon individually! So it means, you can use your system e.g. on a festival and after the first shows the system already knows your type of labels and it speeds up your workflow incredibly. Your most recent assignment is shown on the left and the oldest one on the right. So your finger does not have to move all over the screen if you use always the same labels. By the way, if you decide to use one of our pre-defined labels, this will of course not overwrite your individual labels.


More Icons, More colors – Stay organized with Numerous Channels

We know, you have been waiting for this already. KLANG:app now offers 64 icons, many of them specifically designed according to your requests. This is accompanied by 64 colors. We kept the former color scheme and added more dramatic colors to it, since some channels require to draw more attention to them.


TouchSolo – Pre-listen to a Channel

Especially when you have lots of channels and you are in a rush to start sound checking, we know that every second counts. And it is quite common in hectic live setups, that you have to troubleshoot when e.g. a channel is suffering from a broken XLR cable, has unusual noise or even a strong hum or simply patching on the stage box is not correct.


We found the perfect spot for this in your workflow. You are about to label your channels and update the channel settings for the first user. These are the settings that you will copy to all other users afterwards. That means you are in CUE mode and logged into the first user. Or in a band you are working on your mix directly. Simply touch & hold the large icon in CHANNELS menu just left to your channel name. It will immediately solo this channel. Just release the touch and you are back to your normal mix.

ROUTING screen – Completely redesigned. Organised and Powerful.screenshot-2016-10-13-17-37-44

We have re-designed the entire screen to make it more understandable and simple at the same time. We came up we a 2-stage approach. First you choose the global intersection of FROM (sources) and TO (receivers) before you jump into the details of the channel routing. The direction of routing remains the same as before and we have updated some labels for you.

  • 3Diem stands for 3D in-ear mixing engine. So, these channels will be available for 3D in-ear mixing. Formerly this was called DSP, which was often misleading, since the output was called DSP as well
  • 3D Mix are the final 3D Mixes that need to be routed to either a digital or an analog output
  • Analog was formerly known as DA (Digital to Analog converter)

Once you clicked on the intersection e.g. you want to route Dante signals to your 3D in-ear mixing engine – from (left) Dante to 3Diem a second screen called CHANNEL ROUTING appears on the right hand-side with detailed routing possibilities. In the same manner as before, 8 consecutive audio channels can be routed as one block.



The new icon clearly indicates, the linear routing inside this block by 8 dots on a line and helps – especially for new users – to understand the signal flow with the illustration of two arrows.

Through the flexible routing matrix KLANG:fabrik with MADI expansion can be used as a 64×64 channel or 128×0 MADI BNC IO from and to 64×64 Dante and 32×32 channel ADAT compatible converter at the same while still using KLANG:fabrik’s 3D in-ear mixing engine. Read more on the routing possibilities.

INFO screen – More Tech Specs for the Administrator

In Admin mode the INFO screen helps you to monitor the status of your KLANG unit. But we have also added more features to it, so it helps to understand what’s going on in the background. Under LOAD: you will see 4 numbers within the brackets separated by dots. (“number of audio dropouts since boot”.”errors since boot”.”total number of errors”.”boot cycles”)

Transfer log files to KLANG:app (Windows, Mac, iOS only, Android currently not supported) for improved trouble shooting.

METERS – Faster, more responsive, more precise

Yes, we have worked on the speed of the meters. Meter information is show much more fluently and musically.


More OSC commands

KOS offers more short syntax OSC commands for improved compatiblity with mixing consoles for fader remote and snapshot control. KLANG:app can now also be remotely controlled. More details in the OSC reference guide.

KOS features

  • Bugfixes and support for MADI expansion boards for KLANG:fabrik.
  • 96kHz support (including SMUX for ADAT and MADI)
  • Faster meter updates
  • Device identification



KOS 2.2.v ZIP archive + KLANG:next 2.2 (Windows / Mac)


Thanks for particpating in beta testing! You are helping to improve the quality of our products. Please report bugs and test reports to bugreport@KLANG.com


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