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Quick Start Guide to 3D In-Ear Mixing

Congratulations on your very own KLANG:vier! Welcome to the world of 3D in-ear monitoring.

To implement KLANG:vier into your system as fast as possible follow the few steps below!

What you need to start

Minimum requirements:

  1. Install KLANG:app and familiarize with the app – KLANG:app Overview #1
  2. ADAT interface or Computer running Dante Virtual Soundcard & Dante Controller
  3. Unpack, check and connect KLANG:vier

Nice to have:

  1. Tablet or smartphone running KLANG:app
  2. WiFi router + network cable

Connection from Scratch


Step 1: Power up KLANG:vier

Connect a power chord to your KLANG:vier and switch the power on.

Step 2: Control Network

You need to open a network to connect your laptop or tablet/mobile to KLANG:vier’s NET Ethernet port.

Step 3: Download KLANG:app


Go directly to the Apple AppStore to download KLANG:app for iPhone or iPad.

Find all KLANG:app versions for all operating systems here. 


Step 4: Connect your Remote Device to KLANG:vier

Make sure your tablet, smartphone or computer is in the same network (WiFi or Ethernet) as your KLANG:vier.

Connect Mac/PC with Dante Virtual Soundcard or Dante-enabled mixing board to KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:quelle

Step 5: Routing

Visit the Dante Routing Blog for detailed routing information.

When using ADAT, connect the cables and use KLANG:app’s routing screen to route audio from ADAT inputs to the DSP and set the clock source.

Advanced Topics

  1. Update KLANG:vier Operating System (KOS Update)
  2. Adjust the Switch Configuration Mode
  3. Updating Dante Firmware and Settings
  4. Understanding Remote Control Commands – OSC Reference Guide
  5. Connect mixing consoles directly to KLANG products – detailed guide. 
  6. Automate mixing from your DAW or use your console’s faders and snapshot commands.

Connectivity Mixing Consoles | KLANG


Thanks for reading our post. If you have any questions or remarks on topics, please let us now via support@KLANG.com. Sincerely your KLANG support team.


Read more in the KLANG:fabrik Quick Start Guide. 


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