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The Control Application

KLANG:app is the remote control software for Windows, Android, Mac OS and iOS. Click here to get started with KLANG:app …


DiGiCo Console Integration


Orchestrating Your Mix | 16 Mixes | 128 Inputs | 3 DMI Card Slots

Product Information

Quick Start Guide


64 Input Channels | 16 Mixes | Less than 0.25ms Latency

DMI-KLANG is a powerful immersive tool designed to be mounted into DiGiCo SD and Quantum range consoles with an DMI expansion slot or combined with one of various DiGiCo DMI expansion cards in an Orange Box. It has been designed with focus on maximum channel count and lowest possible latency. If you are looking for further on-board flexibility with MADI, Dante, ADAT or our revolutionary root/intensity-EQs, please take a look at our other rack mounted immersive processors.

Immersive in-ear mixing expansion for DiGiCo. 


Tactile Control | Dante Headphone Amp | Immersive Ambience Mics

Being compatible with all KLANG Immersive In-Ear Mixing Processors, KLANG:kontroller is the first hardware controller with full control right at your fingertips. It delivers fast tactile user control of channels, groups and immersive mixing via an intuitive interface. The times of outdated name tags and dialling through all channels are over with 8 displays providing clear channel names and color coding.

The studio grade headphone amplifier delivers crystal clear audio for in-ear monitors and high impedance headphones


24 Stereo Inputs | 12 Mixes | Routable Dante & MADI IO

KLANG:vokal is designed specifically to match the feature set of KLANG:kontroller but can also work as a stand alone immersive processor. Based on KLANG’s powerful, new generation, ultra-low latency FPGA core, KLANG:vokal offers 12 mixes of 24 mono or stereo inputs at 48kHz and 96kHz, including the revolutionary Root-Intensity EQs.

Based on KLANG’s powerful, new generation, ultra-low latency FPGA core, KLANG:vokal offers 12 mixes of 24 mono or stereo inputs at 48kHz and 96kHz.



Our KLANG:fabrik introduces 3D in-ear and headphone processing to the live sound world. Up to 16 mixes – all in 3D. Up to 56 input channels.

Dante, MADI and ADAT compatible.

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External Control



Read about different kinds of digital network audio solutions like Dante, MADI and more.

Connectivity - KLANG - digital audio

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Get started with Dante AoIP technology and get insights.

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KLANG:app – Product Overview

KLANG:app – Product Overview

Immerse into 360° Headphone Audio with KLANG:app’s Demo Mode     Download KLANG:app 5 now! Try out the immersive 360° degree headphone experience with our free KLANG:app. With the built-in demo mode, you can...
Activate Kiosk Mode for KLANG:app on iPad

Activate Kiosk Mode for KLANG:app on iPad

Step 1: General Settings Go to your iPad's home screen  and click on Settings. Go to the menu General  on the left side and choose Guided Access on the right side. Enable Guided Access Enable Accessibility Shortcut . Go to Passcode S...

Cascading KLANG Immersive Processors

Cascading KLANG Immersive Processors Several KLANG immersive processors can be linked in KLANG:app to act as a single unit. This casdade of units will be defined by the unit name followed by an alphabetically sorted index in brackets. How...

Export & Import via iTunes File Sharing

Preset Exchange and Multitrack Upload to iPad & iPhone For iOS devices KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier  presets can be exported and imported from and to iPad and iPhone via iTunes Filesharing. You only need to connect the iOS device with your computer ...

KLANG Mixing Presets

Surround Loudspeaker Configurations ITU775 Surround configuration and Auro 9.1 loudspeaker configuration Download ITU775 preset   45x10 Grid Loudspeakers spaced by 45 degrees on 3 height layers (-10, 0, and 10 degrees) Download 45x10...

KLANG:app – Compatibility

KLANG:app — Compatibility Overview In this blog article we'd like to give you a quick overview about how different remote control devices are compatible and work with KLANG:app. We want to make sure that you can use a wide variety of devices to control y...
KLANG:app – Shortcuts

KLANG:app – Shortcuts

Please note that all commands shown below are for Mac OS X. For Windows, use control/ctrl key instead of command/cmd. Change the active user (OUTPUT:user number):   In Channel Menu CONGIG ⇒ CHANNELS: Browse through channels and close screen: ...
KLANG:app – The CONFIG Menu

KLANG:app – The CONFIG Menu

Overview – The CONFIG Menu The CONFIG menu is the most important menu for the system engineer and the sound/monitor engineer during setup of the system. Full access to all features is only granted in the Admin mode (hold CONFIG for 3 sec to switch m...


The Channels Sub-Menu This menu is all about defining names, icons and settings of your input channels including EQ presets. Change Channel Names and Create Subgroups ... or how to build a Band Preset from Scratch ... You...


The CONFIG / CONNECT Sub-Menu This menu connects you to the KLANG:fabrik or KLANG:vier units on your network. Configure the user names and their icons and define your KLANG:vektor motion tracker. If you are in Show mode you will see a list of...


The INFO Sub-Menu This screen shows you information on the status of your hardware unit. It contains information on the software, firmware and hardware version of your KLANG device and its serial number. Most important for quick troubleshooting...


Understanding Show Presets & Snapshots You have just entered your channel information, assigned icons, colors and groups. Now, you would like to save your settings and learn more on how to simplify your...


Routing Audio and Clock Settings Learn how to route audio from ADAT or Dante into KLANG:fabrik's/KLANG:vier's DSP for 3D in-ear mixing and how to route the mixes on KLANG:fabrik back to ADAT, Dante or the analog outputs.  Also learn how to monitor ...


The SYSTEM Sub-Menu (KLANG:fabrik only) – KLANG:fabrik only  – Change the input/output channel count according to your needs. Clock Speed Mode Three different settings are available. Single for 44.1&48kHz sampling rates Single w EQs...
KLANG:app – The FADERS Menu

KLANG:app – The FADERS Menu

How to Mix the Levels of Instruments? KLANG:app's FADER menu is all about the level control of instruments and the balance between them. The menu has two views – Channel Faders and Group Balance.  While the primary view in Technician and Admin mod...
KLANG:app – The METER Menu

KLANG:app – The METER Menu

Level Metering It is important for sound engineers to have quick access to the meter information of all incoming channels and the mixes. This helps troubleshooting if for example a signal is not arriving at KLANG:fabrik or KLANG:vier, or if a user's ...
KLANG:app – The STAGE Menu

KLANG:app – The STAGE Menu

KLANG:app – The STAGE Menu Mixing in 3D Space for In-Ears STAGE 1 of 2 – The Head and the Orbits The basic stage menu shows you the top view of a human head. The nose is pointing to the top of the screen– northward. Within the gray area (the he...

Musician and Engineer CUE modes

What is the CUE Feature? If you are in need and want to listen into an artists mix, this is what we call CUE.  In the following we will explain the Musician CUE that is designed for musicians that want to temporarily help out a bandmate during...

The Intuitive In-Ear Mixing Interface

The Intuitive In-Ear Mixing Interface –  KLANG:app lets you immerse Your Personal In-Ear Mix – in 3D Connected to KLANG:fabrik or KLANG:vier, KLANG:app provides an intuitive mixing interface on all major operating systems and mobile platforms. Full Cont...

Use KLANG:app as Motion Tracker

Activate the Motion Tracker on your Tablet While it is obvious how to use your iPad's, tablet's or phone's built-in motion tracker in KLANG:app's demo mode, it takes a configuration step to achieve the same i3D functionality with KLANG:fabrik or...
KLANG:fabrik | Quick Start Guide

KLANG:fabrik | Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide | KLANG:fabrik  Download KLANG:fabrik Quick Start Manual PDF What you need to start Minimum requirements: KLANG:fabrik KLANG:app Network cable Dante enabled product/Dante Virtual Soundcard and Dante Controller or M...
KLANG:quelle | Quick Start Guide

KLANG:quelle | Quick Start Guide

KLANG:quelle | Quick Start Guide Quick Start PDF Download Download KLANG:quelle 19" | Quick Start Manual PDF Download KLANG:quelle (compact) | Quick Start Manual PDF We will show you how easy it is to setup your new Dante enabled headphone am...

KLANG:vier | Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide | KLANG:vier Download KLANG:vier Quick Start Manual PDF Congratulations on your very own KLANG:vier and welcome to the world of Immersive In-Ear Mixing! To implement KLANG:vier into your system as fast as possible follow...

KLANG Operating System Update

Update KOS for :fabrik and :vier To ensure that your KLANG products support all the latest features, it is important to have the latest KLANG Operating System (KOS) version installed. The next steps will guide you through the update process....
Update Brooklyn II Dante Firmware and Settings

Update Brooklyn II Dante Firmware and Settings

          Update DDM ready Dante Firmware on KLANG Devices All KLANG products with built-in Dante interface can be updated over network from a computer running Audinate's Dante Firmware Update Manager (Windows and...
USB Recovery System for :fabrik / :vier

USB Recovery System for :fabrik / :vier

USB Recovery System | Back to Factory Defaults If you have reached a point where KLANG:fabrik or KLANG:vier are not accessible from the network or the unit does not boot properly, there is a way to reinstall the KLANG operating system by a USB recovery...

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