KOS 2.2.6 – New Features

ADAT thru feature for KLANG:vier

ADAT thru means that all incoming optical inputs are routed directly to a Dante network. This feature allows you to record a show directly via a Dante Virtual Soundcard or send it from your splitter rack to the FOH-console via Dante.

For further information visit: klang.com/blog/adat-thru/

Information about network, clock, solo and mute status

While working with a high amount of inputs, it is always good to know if whether some channels’ solo or mute is activated. We added therefor two indicators on the left-hand side the show the solo and mute status plus another two indicators that give information about the network and clock status.

XML-Preset Drag’n’Drop

While working on a Mac or PC, it’s now easy to import a show preset to the KLANG:app via Drag’n’Drop. After dropping the preset,it is stored under CONFIG/PRESETS/Remote. Transfer the preset to your KLANG:fabrik/KLANG:vier and load the show.

Template Presets for 32in/24in and Groups

For the usual band setups For a quicker start (for example at at festival), you have now templates for your usual band setups available.

Some new shortcuts were introduced with KLANG:app 2.2.6

KLANG:app learned some new shortcuts with Version 2.2.6 release. You can find them on our shortcuts documentation site.

Feel free to contact us, if something useful is missing.

MADI shown in screensaver

KLANG:fabrik’s screensaver now indicates if a MADI board is installed or not, additionally to its serial number and IP address.

Countdown before updates

Future updates will not start directly after a USB drive is inserted into KLANG:fabrik. Now, a countdown is giving you the option to abort an update.

Update now and benefit from our newest features!


Try it out and update your own system or ask for a Demo of KLANG:fabrik/KLANG:vier with your setup.

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