Connect KLANG to Digico with Orange Box

Connect KLANG to Digico with Orange Box

Although KLANG:fabrik is available with MADI BNC and can act a flexible audio router between Dante, ADAT and MADI and hence provide signals to KLANG:vier, KLANG:quelle and KLANG:fabrik (without MADI), it is interesting to look into another option with Digico Orange Box.

The Orange Box can host two option cards on each slot and offers a separate word clock input and output directly on its frame.

For details please refer to the Orange Box User Manual

We focus on conversion between MADI – the standard interface for Digico products – and Dante as the most powerful audio interface offered on all KLANG products.

Step-by-Step Configuration

First of all, the Orange Box has to be configured.

Step 1: Install Expansion Cards

Install MADI card to DMI 1 and Dante card to DMI 2. In this example we use MADI BNC.

It is essential to know that Slot 1 (DMI 1) is always the clock master – except when external word clock is used.

Step 2: Controller Software

Orange Box Controller is available for Windows. Install and open this tool. In this example we use Version 1.6 for the screenshots. A USB connection between the Orange Box and the Windows computer is required.

Step 3: Configure Clock and MADI

We sat the sync source for the Master card in DMI 1 to Auto. Additionally, the MADI modes have been set to Fixed. 

Green lights indicate that MADI and Dante are configured correctly in terms of clocking.

Dante Info

The Dante expansion card can be configured via Dante Controller as usual. The firmware and software versions used are shown in the following screenshot.



It offers sampling rates between 44.1 and 96kHz, no Pull-up/down configuration and can work down to 250usec latency.


It offers two Dante Switch configuration modes: Switched and Redundant. Control data is not transmitted on the Dante ports.