Cymatic uTrack24 and KLANG

Cymatic uTrack24

The Cymatic uTrack 24 is a 24 channel interface and backing track player which uses wave multitracks from a USB drive to send them out via Analog Outputs (Dsub) or Digital I/O option cards like AES67 (Audiolan), MADI or ADAT – and in reverse for recording.

Why do I need a multitrack player and recorder in my touring rack setup?

To name a few reasons for using this backing track player for a band’s live rig, you have security as well as simplicity, which is not to be underrated in a stressful live situation.

You simply add the uTrack to your stage rack, plug in all cables and switch on the power. The uRemote app in your local stage network then allows you to easily start or stop different songs. uTrack’s MIDI support can also be used to send control information for program changes, multi-effect pedals and keyboard sounds.

Playback during show:

You can easily feed 24 wave files (e.g. samples, click tracks, backing vocals/instruments or stage directions) into the uTool application channels and assign each of them to a specific output.


Make sure to run the latest firmware on your Cymatic device to have the smoothest experience!

Recording during a live show:

Whether you are working with Direct Outs or Pre-EQ signals, it’s always a good idea to record your live show, if you have the possibility. You never know what magical moments will happen on stage!

For live recording, you can either go directly in via Dsub or choose one of the option cards to feed your uTrack24 with audio signals. Just connect a USB drive and hit the record button to record 24 channels; you can then open your recorded files in the uTool app and extract them to your DAW.

Option Cards:

Depending on your setup, you should go to Cymatics Settings and check the Clock Source (Internal, Wordclock, Digital I/O or PTP possible).



The MADI expansion module for uTrack 24 provides 24×24 channels (single speed sampling rates) I/O with either optical or BNC connectors.  Learn more on how to connect MADI devices to KLANG.

AudioLAN / AES67

AudioLAN expansion card for uTrack24. Read more on how to connect AES67 devices to KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier.




You can also send your backing tracks via ADAT to KLANG:vier or KLANG:fabrik. This setup is also handy if you don’t want to use a Dante Virtual Soundcard for Virtual Soundchecks: First, connect 1-3 Toslink cables between ADAT output 1–3 on the cymatic uTrack and ADAT input 1–3 on your KLANG:vier or KLANG:fabrik. Then set the clock to Dante on KLANG and connect the Wordclock via BNC cable to the uTrack Wordclock input. Finally, set the clock sync to Wordclock on uTrack24.


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Benefits of the combination?

So, how do you benefit from this setup?

To start with, you can now equip your silent stage rack with a backing track player which direktly feeds your KLANG device over option cards and is easily remote controlled by an application on a device of your choice.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about defect or wrong placed cables to your interface, or a crashing laptop. The system also allows you to program amps/effects or even lightshows via Midi out.

Read more about the AES67/ AudioLAN connection.