DMI-KLANG Quick Start Guide

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a) Console

Any console with a compatible DMI card slot, e.g. Q2, Q3, Q7, SD12 or KLANG:konductor.

  1. Power off host.
  2. Install DMI-KLANG in an empty slot.
  3. Power on host.
  4. Make sure that DMI-KLANG is NOT selected as a clock source in the console or :konductor.

b) OrangeBox

  • Power off OrangeBox
  • Install DMI-KLANG in DMI 2 Slot (right)
  • DMI-KLANG will not work in DMI 1 slot an OrangeBox. DMI 1 slot must contain an audio DMI card e.g. Dante, Madi, Optocore, … as this will provide the audio clock to which DMI-KLANG automatically syncs to.

    KLANG-DMI automatically switches to 48kHz or 96kHz depending on the audio clock provided by the OrangeBox; KLANG:konductor or Console. KLANG-DMI can not be used as a clock source to sync to as the card does not provide an audio clock by itself.


    Connect a computer or switch to one of the CONTROL network ports.

    The Network LEDs will start to blink.

    All network ports are internally connected to the same network switch/VLAN. Connect a console or any other device that should get forwarded multicast network packets to the CONSOLE port. This device will be able to communicate to DMI-KLANG and other devices connected via the Control ports, but this device will be not receiving multicasts via the Console port.

    DMI-KLANG uses a DHCP client and will automatically configure its IP address.
    If no DHCP server is present on the network a link-local IP address (169.254.x.y) will be self-assigned.

    STEP 3 – KLANG:app

    1. Download & Launch KLANG:app
    2. Go to CONFIG>CONNECT to choose your device.

    If the computer is connected via Ethernet and WiFi to the same network, WiFi should be disabled as running two active network connections could interfere with the device discovery process.

    No devices found? Check if one of the available IP addresses of the computer as shown in KLANG:app is in the same range as one of KLANG-DMI’s IP addresses (e.g. via KLANG control panel if the card is installed in a DiGiCo console or via the OrangeBox controller if installed in an Orange Box or via KLANG:app > CONFIG > INFO if the card is installed in a KLANG:konductor). Further, check computer’s network adapter for connection status.


    The input and output routing is fixed.

    64 input channels from the DMI interface are directly routed as 64 input channels to the KLANG processor.

    16 stereo mixes are routed back as Channel 1..32 to the DMI interface.

    Channel 33&34 contain the engineer CUE output.

    1. Activate Engineer CUE via KLANG:app
    2. Select a mix to be cued

    STEP 5 – Console Integration

    For the DiGiCo Console Link see:


    1. Go to CONFIG > CHANNELS and set colors, icons and edit channel names. Assign to individual groups.
    2. Create immersive in-ear mixes using STAGE and FADERS
    3. For further information on setup, mixing and KLANG:app tutorials visit: or go watch our education webinars on YouTube.
    4. For software updates visit


    To update DMI-KLANG’s KOS click here.

    LED Colors

    purple: ready

    blinking purple / red: audio clock sync error

    blue: booting

    yellow/green: booting stage 2

    red: error

    white blinking: updating


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