KLANG:vokal Quick Start Guide

PDF version download here


Connect a computer or switch to one of the combined Dante/CONTROL network ports.

The Network LEDs will start to blink.

KLANG:vokal uses a DHCP client and will automatically configure its IP address.
If no DHCP server is present on the network a link-local IP address (169.254.x.y) will be self-assigned.
KLANG:vokal’s IEM processor and its Dante module are separate devices inside the unit and require separate IP addresses.
Both devices are switched to all network ports.

STEP 2 – KLANG:app

  1. Open www.KLANG.com/app
  2. Download, Install & Start KLANG:app.
  3. Go to CONFIG > CONNECT and choose your device.

If the computer is connected via Ethernet, WiFi should be disabled as running two active network connections could interfere with the device discovery process.


For the next steps, work in Admin mode. Click and hold CONFIG for 3 seconds

  1. Go to CONFIG > SYSTEM to specify your sampling rate (SINGLE 48kHz or DOUBLE 96kHz). Regardless of these settings, KLANG:vokal provides 12 mixes of 24 mono/stereo channels each.
  2. To apply these changes, click and hold RESTART for 3 seconds.
  3. To clear SOLO or MUTE press and hold the respective button for 2 seconds.

This device does not offer sample rate conversion and must therefore run with the sample rate as the incoming audio stream.


  1. Connect MADI IO to e.g. your mixing console. Or connect your Dante enabled mixing console to the Dante/CONTROL port.
  2. Go to CONFIG > ROUTING and select Audio Sync Source, e.g. MADI or Dante
  3. Route Audio from Dante or MADI to the 3Diem Mixing Engine and the mixes back from 3Diem to Dante and/or MADI via routing matrix.


For personal mixing via KLANG:app on smartphones and tablets connect a WiFi Access Point to the designated CONTROL ONLY port.

Install and open KLANG:app on the smartphones/tablets and connect to KLANG:vokal as in step 2.

All network ports are switched, but the CONTROL ONLY ports have an outgoing multicast filter to prevent unwanted multicast traffic to enter e.g. Access Points or control networks/VLANs.


  1. Go to CONFIG > CHANNELS and set colors, icons and edit channel names. Assign to individual groups.
  2. Create immersive in.ear mixes using STAGE and FADERS
  3. For further information on setup, mixing and KLANG:app tutorials visit: www.KLANG.com/app or go watch our education webinars on YouTube.
  4. For software updates visit www.KLANG.com/update


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