Past KLANG Webinars

The following webinars offer a variety of topics to get started with KLANG’s immersive technology

What is binaural? How can we hear 3-dimensional with only two ears? What is happening in the brain? How can we use this knowledge for our IEM mixes? This webinar will dive deep into the science behind KLANG and share interesting details about the amazing sound filtering capabilites of the human brain.

The topic of this webinar is a full introduction of KLANG:app – the intuitive, yet flexible centerpiece of all things KLANG. We will go through every function in detail, share Tips&Tricks and highlight the different modes of operation for monitor engineers, musicians using KLANG as a Personal Monitoring System as well as management possibilities for Integrators and Technical Managers.

While we all are practicing social distancing, Houses of Worship and Artists are turning to live-streams to maintain a connection with their fans and congregation. Immersive Audio is a great way to make the listener at home feel like a part of the experience.In this Webinar, we will talk about strategies to get the most out of your streams.

A full setup guide to integrating KLANG into a DiGiCo SD/Quantum range session.The powerful workflow integration lets the monitor engineer take advantage to fully work on their console surface – while enjoying the benefits of an Immersive InEar-Mix.

KLANG:app and DiGiCO SD/Quantum consoles can control our immersive IEM mixes. But there are exciting possibilities to go even further with this.From simply adding haptic faders via the MCU/Midi-Format to the endless possibilities of OSC will be discussed with KLANG’s Co-Founder Pascal & Phil

A webinar for sound engineers as well as musicians – diving deep into the best strategies for musicians to set up a mix, that sounds great, gives them confidence in their performance and protects their hearing

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How do you immerse?

Multiple Parnelli Awards, multiple Tour Link Top Dog of the Year Awards, Monitor Engineer for countless megabands like Iron Maiden, Linkin Park, Judas Priest and many more, as well as quite recently show host for “The Wrong End of the Snake” together with Ken “Pooch” Van Druten:Kevin “Tater” McCarthy is a long time member of the KLANG:family and close friend, and we are honored and excited to have him join us for a Q&A session!

Mastering and combining multiple disciplines, Becky Pell is not only a world class monitor engineer with an impressive track record of worldwide stadium tours (Westlife, Anastacia, Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds and many more) – she is also a successful Yoga teacher/blogger (our favorite is Tourbus Bunk Yoga!) as well as author for several magazines. Long story short: this should be an interesting chat!

Jason “Redz” Reynolds is joining us to chat about his experiences as a monitor engineer for Stephen Marley, The Marley Brothers as well as Shaggy. Join us, ask him any questions and learn from the fantastic guy behind “Learn from the Pros”

Jerry is not only one of the most influential persons in the history of In-Ear Monitors and founder of JH Audio, but he also toured as a monitor engineer with acts like Van Halen, Kiss, David Lee Roth and many more. Join us in this exciting Q&A session where we picked Jerry’s brain about all things audio!

Stijn Declercq will join us to talk about his Monitor World for LOST FREQUENCIES and his other productions where he uses DiGiCo and KLANG.His strategies for a perfect monitor mix will give us a fantastic insight into the unique concept and artist support of the belgian production company “MONO” (no pun intended…).

Erik Rogers has toured the world with a whole range of amazing artists: Godsmack, Avenged Sevenfold, Taylor Swift and Sons of Apollo, just to name a few.Being off the road for the last few months, like so many of us, he chose to team up with Paris Visone to start Hellooo TV, a revolutionary online concerts platform, where he uses KLANG to create immersive streaming experiences. No doubt: we need to talk…

Jens “Bubbes” Steffan, one of germany’s most respected monitor engineers – and KLANG-user since (nearly) day one – will be our guest in this week’s “How do you Immerse?” Webinar.We will talk about his path into our industry, strategies for creating great IEM mixes, as well as the necessary non-audio skillsets to advance a career on stage left.Of course we will also take a look at his workflows, tips and tricks which help him to get the most out of a KLANG session.

We are very happy to announce our guest in this week’s “How do you immerse?”: Pascal Schillo, Guitarist of Eskimo Callboy and long time KLANG:user. The German Metalcore sensation has been active for more than 10 years, with tours not only in Europe, but also Russia, Japan, USA and many more. Their unique style and brutal wall of sound meets exceptional songwriting that gathers fans even far beyond the Metalcore scene. We will take a close look into their rig, their path from mono to 3D and their strategy for a perfect, immersive monitoring sound.

L.A. based Doron Dina will join us tomorrow for the next episode of ‘How do you immerse?’. Touring the world as Monitor Engineer, FoH, PM and TM for artists like Ziggy Marley, EBI and The Neighbourhood, Doron will share his tips, tricks and workflows with us.

Rockstar or Sound Engineer…Why not both? Pontus Norgren is slaying the guitar for swedish Metal-Legends Hammerfall with who he tours every corner of the world – with KLANG on his ears. But he also manned the FoH-position for bands like Thin Lizzy, Europe and Yngwie Malmsteen. Join this exciting Q&A session to learn more about his journey, how he combines his skillsets and manages to be an exceptionally nice guy!

Mike Dias has worked in the IEM-Industry for many years before founding IEMITO – In Ear Monitoring International Trade Organization. Here he channels his extensive contacts, market overview and expertise to offer a neutral portal to connect Musicians, Sound Engineers and Manufacturers.
Meet Mike Dias and ask away in this Q&A session about the past, present and future of IEM.

We are honored and excited to welcome Pasi Hara, one of the earliest and closest members of the KLANG:familie, for this Q&A session.
Pasi, who has worked with acts like Tower of Power, Beck, The Cult, Slash, Fergie, HIM, and many more, will show us his Monitor World for System of a Down in detail and be happy to answer all of your questions about IEM, mixing and life between Finland and LA.

Chris White, Production Manager for Sound Image, as well as Sound Engineer at New Life Community Church, where he integrated KLANG into his Live-Streams early this year. Let’s get to know Chris and ask him anything about his immersive streams!.

Sia Davarnia, musician, FoH engineer and manager of a charity, is for sure a busy man. All the more we are happy to get a chance to chat with him about his view on the importance of quality stage monitoring, how he got his artist on IEMs after decades of blasting wedges and side fills and of course KLANG.