What’s new in KOS 3.1 ?

KLANG:technologies Debuts KOS 3.1 at InfoComm 2018

Newest operating system update significantly enhances usability for monitor engineers

Building upon the feature-packed January release of KLANG:technologies’ KOS 3 operating system, the 3D in-ear mixing system manufacturer is pleased to now announce the InfoComm debut of its next exciting update, KOS 3.1.

Mackie Control Universal (MCU) MIDI Fader Control

One of the most significant benefits of KLANG’s latest OS version is the inclusion of a powerful MIDI translator tool. This provides an MCU (Mackie Control Universal) protocol integration, which allows engineers to connect one or more MIDI MCU-compatible fader controllers to the company’s KLANG:app for tactile mix control. Ideal for monitor engineers who want to dial into musicians’ mixes from a hardware-based controller, the new integration provides facilities for Mute and Solo buttons, Channel labels and Bank Select, Snapshot control, in addition to bi-directional fader control.


  • Connect one or more MIDI MCU fader controller to KLANG:app to control your own mix
  • Bi-directional fader control, Mute and Solo Buttons, Channel labels, Bank Select and Snapshot control
  • Works for Monitor engineers who want to dial into musicians mixes from the hardware controller
  • Works for Musicians who want to achieve haptic control of their mixes with KLANG:app

More Infos and MIDI MCU Quick Start Guide here

Increased Channel Count

  • When working with EQs activated the channel count has been significantly increased
  • Up to 21% higher channel count, without any compromise in mixing


New Master CUE for Monitor Engineers

  • Without the need to use one KLANG mix, Monitor Engineers can cue into the artists mixes
  • CUE into mixes of any unit of the cascade
  • Daisy chain a CUE output of a mixing console to the KLANG cascade and choose to listen to KLANG cue or console cue

All details about the CUE features here. 

Cascading Units

  • Daisy chain KLANG:fabrik and/or KLANG:vier to a cascade of units acting like a more powerful bigger unit
  • Quickly switch to artists mixes of the cascade in the top mix bar
  • Create, Save and Recall Snapshot and Presets on all units of a cascade simultaneously

Learn more about how to combine KLANG units into a cascade.

Dante Domain Manager ready

Create domains of Dante devices to secure them from other devices and users that are not authenticated for a domain.

Download new Dante Firmware here… 

Advanced Gain Structure

KLANG’s mixing engine uses floating point and hence cannot clip internally and the engine can by default handle gains above 0dB without any issues. In some cases the digital input signal is too low due to unbalanced gain structure in the mixing console. The new CONFIG > Set > Advanced > Max. Fader Gain +6dB option increases both the channel and the master fader range up to +6dB. This yields in a maximum digital gain benefit of +12 dB. This is a setting of KLANG:app and has to be modified for all KLANG:apps connected to the KLANG mixing system in case higher gains are required. The default can be restored by selecting Max. Fader Gain +0dB on all KLANG:apps


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