What was new in KOS 4.3

KLANG:app and KOS 5 have already been release. Check here for the latest info.


What was new in KOS 4.3

Key Features

Support for DMI-KLANG – Expansion for DiGiCo SD and OrangeBox
Scrolling fast user switch bar for multiple mixes
Up to 16 DCA Groups configurable per Mix (formerly fixed to 6 groups)
Groups grayed out when not containing any active channels
Direct link from Group to corresponding channels in FADERS
New default preset with Master Volume 0dB for SD Console Link
Up to 64 channels side by side in FADERS view

2nd/alt Function

Different grids in STAGE views for easier positioning
Direct link to channel edit menu from FADERS view
Select-link directly opens STAGE menu from FADERS view for a particular channel

DiGiCo SD Console Link

Improved Speed and Performance
Automatic sync when activating console link
KLANG Master Fader 0dB
Improved Stability for bad networks through OSC bundling
KLANG:app channel naming will not be sent to console if console is Init Master
Channel and Mix Mapping will force immediate update


Channel Names are limited to 18 characters
Loading default preset will temporarily deactivate console link