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Immerse into 360° Headphone Audio with KLANG:app’s Demo Mode



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Try out the immersive 360° degree headphone experience with our free KLANG:app. With the built-in demo mode, you can start mixing in 3D with your own headphones. Download it now!
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After starting KLANG:app, a large button labelled Demo Mode appears if no KLANG immersive in-ear mixing system is found on the network. The app will then emulates a simplified version of the KLANG hardware 3D processing internally. Hence, you can connect your headphones directly to your device and KLANG:app will allow you to mix a multitrack recording in headphone 3D audio.

Getting Started with KLANG:app

– A complete Walkthrough of KLANG:app –

Check also the KLANG video tutorials in the webinar section.

Learn the basic features and the concept of KLANG:app for WindowsMac OS XAndroid and Apple iOS. While several features are also available in KLANG:app’s included demo mode, it is recommended to connect a KLANG immersive processor. Currently there is no version available for Windows phones.

The Control Elements

KLANG:app is an easy to use graphical user interface to KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier. It allows you to create, modify, save and recall your 3D in-ear mixing in seconds and get the most out of your headphone and in-ear mixes. Its user interface is designed and optimized for live and studio use.

On the left of KLANG:app you can see four menu buttons – STAGEFADERSMETER and CONFIG. Please see below for a brief explanation of their purpose and functionality. A link leads you to more detailed information on these menu options.

The STAGE Menu

This menu is all about placement of channels in the stereo and 3D and i3D field. Go to STAGE menu.
KLANG:app Overview STAGE


This menu provides all elements you need for mixing of channel levels and balancing your in-ear mixes… Go to FADERS menu.
KLANG:app Overview FADERS

The METER Menu

This menu will give a quick overview of levels and incoming signals… Go to METER menu.
KLANG:app Overview METER


KLANG:app Overview CONFIG
The CONFIG menu is the most important menu for sound engineers and monitor engineers as it allows to connect to KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier. Everybody needs to enter this menu once. In fact, it is shown when you open KLANG:app and KLANG units are found on the network. Once you have connected to a KLANG unit, KLANG:app remembers the unit and will automatically reconnect the next time you start it. Furthermore, the menu allows you to access the signal routing and save and load presets. Go to CONFIG menu…

Switch Mixes and CUE

Learn more about how to CUE into other musicians mixes and how to use KLANG:app as a monitor engineer here.

Thanks for using KLANG gear. We hope you find this tutorial helpful. Please let us know what connection examples you want to read about next — contact@KLANG.com