Cascading KLANG Immersive Processors

Cascading KLANG Immersive Processors

Several KLANG immersive processors can be linked in KLANG:app to act as a single unit. This casdade of units will be defined by the unit name followed by an alphabetically sorted index in brackets.

How to Create a Cascade – Step-by-step Guide

  1. Switch to Admin mode in KLANG:app
  2. Log into the first unit of your new cascade
  3. Go to CONFIG > Info > Set > Advanced > Set Unit Name
  4. Enter a name followed by the index in brackets – <UnitName>(<UnitIndex>), e.g. unit(1)
  5. Proceed with the next unit in the cascade and e.g. rename it to unit(2)
  6. Repeat for more units if required
  7. Refresh the Device list in CONFIG > CONNECT

KLANG:app automatically detects a cascade once more than one unit with the same UnitName and a different UnitIndex is found. The color for these units in the device list turns purple.

In the Fast User Switching Bar the UnitIndex will be used as a prefix before the OUTPUT number.

How to Deactivate a Cascade

  • e.g. rename the units to their original names (click UNSET)
  • Once KLANG:app does not see more than one unit with the same name before the brackets it will not show a cascade anymore


  • All mixes of all units of a cascade will be shown in the Fast User Switching Bar in KLANG:app
  • Clicking on a Mix in the Fast User Switching Bar will log into the corresponding KLANG hardware
  • Show File save and load commands will be triggered on all units of a cascade
  • Snapshot commands (save, recall, rename, delete, first, next/previous, move up/down) will be sent to all units of a cascade
  • Cascading of units is available in Show and Admin mode
  • In Channels Menu “Paste THIS to ALL users” and “Paste META to ALL users” will copy settings to all mixes of a cascade
  • Engineer CUE allows to listen to ALL mixes of a cascade. Musician CUE is not available in Admin mode when working on a cascade
  • Keyboard shortcuts for mixes e.g. CMD + 3 etc will trigger mixes in the fast user switching bar across all units of a cascade.

Things to keep in mind…

  • Meters, System, Routing, Info show the state of the hardware unit associated with this mix.