This menu connects you to the KLANG:fabrik or KLANG:vier units on your network. Configure the user names and their icons and define your KLANG:vektor motion tracker.

If you are in Show mode you will see a list of KLANG:fabrik and KLANG:vier units on the left side. Click on the unit and choose the user from the quick user switching bar at the top. When working in Admin mode, the list will show all mixes of all units on the network. Choose a user by simply touching the appropriate button. (See below for more information on the different modes and how to with between them.)

User Name & Assign Icon

You can then edit the user name with your keyboard and assign an icon. This icon and user name is shown with the next update in the quick user switching bar as well.

Assign KLANG:vektor

You can configure your KLANG:vektor or set your tablet or smart phone as motion tracker.

Assign EQ

For each musician’s mix an output EQ is available if working in 44.1/48k w/ EQ mode. Choose from the ASSIGN EQ dropdown in CONFIG -> CONNECT in Admin mode from a list of useful EQ presets.

Phase Invert

Flip the polarity of the stereo output signal with “Phase Invert” in CONFIG -> CONNECT. This is particularly useful on loud stages where the bass signal from the PA or the monitors interfers with the in-ear signal.