The Intuitive In-Ear Mixing Interface

The Intuitive In-Ear Mixing Interface – KLANG:app lets you immerse

Your Personal In-Ear Mix – in 3D

Connected to KLANG:fabrik or KLANG:vier, KLANG:app provides an intuitive mixing interface on all major operating systems and mobile platforms.


Full Control at Your Fingertips

Even without any experience in sound mixing, KLANG:app is easy to use and shows the right amount of details on clearly labeled screens.


Individual Channel Settings & Sorting

Every musician is unique and we all have different taste and prefer different workflows.With KLANG:app, each musician can label and color instruments individually and even sort them into customized groups.



More me – less band

Let’s be honest, when the show starts and the Adrenalin suddenly rushes in, our focus quickly wonders to something we want more in the mix. And very often it is “more me”. KLANG:app helps you to mix intelligently when you hit the “+” button. It reduces the volume of the other groups and channels in the background so that the overall level does not increase unnessarily. We call it “relative mixing” and it helps protect your hearing.


Download KLANG:app now!

Try out the immersive 360° degree headphone experience with our free KLANG:app. With the built-in demo mode, you can start mixing in 3D with your own headphones right away. Download it now!

iOS (iPad, iPhone) | Android | Mac OS X | Windows | Other OSs

After starting KLANG:app a large button labelled Demo Mode appears if no KLANG:fabrik or KLANG:vier 3D in-ear mixing system is found on the network. In that case the app emulates the 3D processing of KLANG:fabrik internally. Hence, you can connect your headphones directly to your the running KLANG:app.