KLANG Operating System Update

Update KOS for :fabrik and :vier

To ensure that your KLANG products support all the latest features, it is important to have the latest KLANG Operating System (KOS) version installed. The next steps will guide you through the update process.

KOS for other KLANG Processors than :fabrik/:vier are linked below. Dante Firmware is separate from KOS.

KOS for other KLANG Processors
Dante Update Information

STEP 1: Copy KOS to USB

  • Copy the newest KOS version onto it – 2 files (1 x .upd & 1 x .bin).
  • Unmount the USB drive.

STEP 2: Insert USB drive to your Device

If KLANG:fabrik / KLANG:vier is running, turn power off first. 

Insert USB drive to Front panel USB port and power on device.

The device will constantly look for an update on the inserted USB drive and start the update process automatically. Wait until the update process is completely finished.

Do NOT unplug or turn off KLANG:fabrik/KLANG:vier during the update process under any circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: that some updates require the unit to reboot during the update and up to 3 times after the update is finished!

PLEASE NOTE: Since KLANG:vier has no display, the built in LED will indicate the update status. If your USB pen blocks the view on the LED, try to see the LED through the left ventilation grid. As soon as the LED turns BLUE you can restart KLANG:vier, SWITCH POWER OFF AND ON AGAIN. The LED turns purple when KLANG:vier is booted and ready for you again.

STEP 3: Check KOS Version

  1. Once the update is finished, connect with KLANG:app to your device.
  2. Go to Admin mode: Press and hold CONFIG for 3 seconds -> Admin.
  3. Check CONFIG->INFO. Check also if your KLANG:app is up-to-date. See screenshot below.

KLANG:vier –
LED color codes

Something went wrong ?

It happens from time to time – the power line goes down unexpectedly during an update or your unit has reached a bad condition. Read the following steps to convert your device to factory defaults by installing a recovery KOS via USB.

Thanks for using KLANG gear and we hope you find this tutorial helpful. Please let us know, what connection examples you want to read about next — contact@KLANG.com