KLANG Brings Natural Monitor Sound to Silent Stage


KLANG partners up for prolight+sound’s SilentStage

What is a Silent Stage?

You might think that the concept of a Silent Stage is not really new. And yes, you are right. It has been around for more than 20 years. Back then, it was introduced by some bands and leading evangelists with the vision of reducing the noise level at the musicians’ ear drums in order to protect their hearing. There ist no doubt that this topic is still as important today as it was 20 years ago. The proposed solution was either ear plugs or in-ear monitors. In-ear monitors can help reducing the noise level at the musicians’ ear drums, but their sound quality strongly depends on the mixing, and of course on the stage noise level, since in-ear monitors — even if custom molded — only achieve a limited sound isolation of 25-30dB at best. In consequence, this fight against stage volume has to be taken up by all band members and it requires various stages of optimization, sound tuning and patience. Until in the end, there is no wedge monitor left on stage.

Actually, the break-through technology and key element enabling the Silent Stage — the in-ear monitor (IEM) — goes far back to the 1980s when Chrys Lindop made the first efficient IEM for Stevie Wonder.

Read more about the initial in-ear setup in this History Overview written by Richard Frankson: In Ear Monitors a Brief History – Love Your Ears

What’s new about it?

So why are we – in the year 2017 – still talking, educating and convincing musicians and engineers of a Silent Stage? The answer is simple and yet complicated: Because most stages cannot be considered Silent. To become Silent, the noise from a typical rock’n’roll stage would have to be reduced by – roughly estimated – 10-20 dB. This means that all band members have to work with in-ears and reduce their noise as far as possible, something not all musicians are ready to do, even if the benefits are enormous: Of course, IEM protects your hearing, but it also gives you much more control of the monitor sound which leads to a better performance. There is then the benefit of less cross talk into the microphones, allowing the use of studio grade microphones. And finally, IEM leaves the Front of House engineer so much more room for creativity in the mix. In the end, the band plays better, they are more independent from room acoustics and can create a studio mix. So, musicians deliver a remarkable performance for their audience and give their fans the experience of a lifetime! That is the vision in 2017!

More than Virtual Reality. Natural Stage Sound.

We believe that a perfect monitor sound is the key to a perfect live performance. In-ear monitoring can be the best way to go. But the compromise of stereo is a lot less transparent and natural than the real thing and makes many musicians feel insecure. Mixes tend to become pragmatic — not beautiful and open. KLANG:technologies innovative 3D personal monitor mixing system is the first breakthrough development since the introduction of in-ear monitoring. A natural and intuitive placement of sound with pristine sonic quality. KLANG lets musicians focus on their art — not on their monitor sound.

Watch the video below for a first impression of our KLANG:fabrik and its 3D In-Ear Mix. Just plug in your own headphones or in-ears and immerse into 360° audio!


KLANG:fabrik turns any pair of headphones or in-ears into a 3D sound experience.


No Wedges. Much Quiter Backline. Everybody happy on In-Ears. That’s the perfect Silent Stage! But how?

Visit us at prolight+sound | musikmesse 2017 and find out!

April 4–7, 2017 | 10 am – 6 pm

KLANG:technologies – Hall 4.1 B60

KLANG @ Silent Stage – Hall 4.1 C60

KLANG will present monitoring workflows from live, theater and studios. Learn more about how to get the best out of your stage setup and how to truly switch to a silent stage setup with interesting examples from the touring bands.

Plan your visit with us.

Exhibitors at the SilentStage are Vision Ears, InEar, Westone, Variphone, Hearsafe, Audiotechnica, Allen&Heath and Wisycom, Kemper and KLANG:technologies. For the first time all these manufacturers present their solutions for making the stage silent.

The Team

The educational concept for the official PL+S Silent Stage program was initiated and written by Johannes Steiger / Vision Ears and Markus Ganzmann / KLANG:technologies.

Silent Stage Host and Vocalist – Mister Marvin Becker

Drums – Stefan Höfele Dias

For the show on Friday Mister Rolf Hering will substitute.

Guitars – Mister Nico Schliemann

Bass – Mister Benni Jud

Keyboards – Mister Rainer Scheithauer


Front of House / 3D Headphone Sound for the Audience – Mister Toni “Meloni” Loitsch

Thanks to all band member, the technical team and to all brands for participating in this joint project.

What do others say about KLANG 3D sound?

“It’s a new World. It’s not stereo. It is something else!” – Pontus Norgren (Guitars for HammerFall)

“It’s as I am hearing In-Ear monitors for the first time. I’ll never touch a stage without them.” – John Dolmayan | Drums | System of a Down

and many more

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