Open Source Software

Software Licenses

Free and Open Source Software Declarations
KLANG products contain free and open source software. For licensing information please see below.

OpenDaff: Link – Download license

kissFFT: Link – Download license

oscpkt: Link – Download license

dRowAudio: Link – Download license

uBoot – Download license

Linux – Download license

Busybox – Link – Download license

GDB – Link – Download license

FPGA_CTRL – Download license

DSPlib –  Download license

Mathlib –  Download license

wb_i2c_slave – Download license

Open Source Software

Certain FOSS licenses require KLANG to make available to recipients the source code corresponding to the FOSS binaries distributed under those licenses. Recipients who would like to receive a copy of such source code should submit a request to KLANG by post at:

KLANG:technologies GmbH
FOSS Requests
Wespienstr. 8-10
52062 Aachen

Please identify in submitted FOSS requests: the FOSS packages for which you are requesting source code; the KLANG product and version number with which the requested FOSS package was distributed; an email address at which KLANG may contact you regarding the request (if available); and the postal address for delivery of the requested source code.